Sunday, January 9, 2011

Roll Out Cookies

P and I are back home after spending the holidays in Calgary. I had some time and came across some cute cookie cutters so I thought I would make these sugar cookies from and these gingerbread cookies from

Both turned out yummy but the dough for the sugar cookies was too crumbly for my liking and only baked up okay. The gingerbread dough however turned out perfect and was easy to work with. They were soft with crunchy little edges. So yummy! I did add 2 Tbsp of fresh ginger instead of dried and I also added some ground black pepper because I like my ginger cookies spicy.


  1. Sugar Cookie dough can be a pain in the butt. They all look so cute though! Will you be decorating?

  2. Nope no decorating this time as P and I have already devoured them!