Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Things Babushka

I love love love how cute babushka (aka matryoshka) dolls are. I have been seeing them everywhere lately from kitchen stuff to stationary. Yeah for babushka!

1. Babushka hair pins from creamrose via bohaute  2. Babushka mugs from Maxwell Williams 3.Babushka plates from Sweet Tidings 4. Cool robot babushkas from The Spoon Sisters via tiny iron fists 5. Super cool measuring cups called M-cups via touch wood design 6. Nesting cups sweetly named Babushkups via the hip infant 7. Textiles designed by Kristen Doran via bohaute


  1. Ohh - I love matryoshka dolls! I even love the winter jacket that Tay (derisively)says makes me look like one. He might be reconciled when he sees the robot ones...

    Great collection!

  2. Oh the robot dolls will definitely get him!